Wired headset or speakers?


Wired headset or speakers?

Do you enjoy listening to music in great quality? Everyone does. Hearing every bass note, having clear and light sound - it is just awesome feeling. You do not need to be a musician or sound engineer to really appreciate good sound quality. How to get the best possible sound? Well, there are some things that you can do. For example you can buy good headset or speakers.

What should I choose?

It really depends on your needs. Every person is different and everyone has different needs. For sound engineer or professional gamer nice wired headset https://www.axtelheadsets.com/en/headsets is a must. They need it for work. Speakers are for people that like to share their music taste with other people or just do not like wearing headset, because it is not comfortable for them. Let’s take a look at pros and cons of each.


We can see people wearing headsets on the streets everyday. They like having their favorite music with them all the time. Waiting for a bus in complete silence is kind of boring, isn’t it? Of course it is, unless you have your friends with you. Then you can turn your portable speaker on and let the whole crew listen to your music with you. I am joking. Don’t do it, because you and your friends are not the only people on the street. Let other people enjoy their music or silence.

Good wired headset provides you the best sound quality. Price range is important here, but wireless headset are always little worse anyway. Wire does the whole job here. It’s not very comfortable when you are moving a lot but it’s still the best option. If you work as a professional gamer, call center employee or other place where sound quality is important it is the best possible choice.


If you listen to your music only at home and you like it loud choose speakers. Their sound quality is very similar to the sound of wired headset. In addition you don’t have to wear it on your head. It’s kind of more comfortable, which is very important. Who does not like to feel comfortable in own house? We have to remember that speakers are kind of more expensive but it all depends on our amount of money that we can spend on it. Don’t forget not to listen your music too loud, otherwise your neighbours will listen it with you too.

Of course we have to remember that our sound card should be good too. Without it our speakers and headphones will not give their best. When you listen to your music from your phone or TV it’s not a problem but when you use PC for it you just have to remember about good sound card. Don’t forget about it and you will be happy.